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online website builder software

iScripts Easycreate- Online website building software - Start your website building service!

iScripts Easycreate is an online website building tool that could be hosted on your server to provide web site building services to your clients.
iScripts Easycreate is completely custamizable. You can decide on the branding of the entire web site creation software by setting your logo, brand information, marketing messages, special offers, custom support links, etc. on the application interface. As the application is hosted on your server you have the complete control over the working of the site. The application is extremely easy to install you can make your web site building service up and running in minutes.

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iScripts Socialware - Online Community Building Software

Socialware is an open-source online community building software.You are free to modify the source code to meet your requirements as long as you maintain the copyright notices intact. It includes a lot of features like mail,blog,chat,event management etc.

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web hosting management

iScripts Autohoster - Complete Hosting Management

iScripts Autohoster is a turnkey solution to start a domain registration/web hosting business. Designed for web hosting and domain name providers, iScripts Autohoster gives you everything you need to run your hosting/domain name business instantly.It works on eNom API.

iScripts Autohoster comes with integrated supportdesk and a powerful sitebuilder that lets your client go online in few minutes..

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online billing software

iScripts EasyBiller - Online billing for service businesses

iScripts EasyBiller billing software is an easy way to automate and manage your businesses. iScripts EasyBiller, combined with integrated helpdesk delivers a powerful, easy-to-use, integrated business solution.

iScripts EasyBiller is one of the most advanced automated and recurring billing solution on the market today. Designed specifically for the service industries, iScripts EasyBiller comes with extreme flexibility, and functionality.

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free forum software

iScripts SonicBB - Online Bulletin Board Software

iScripts SonicBB is a user-friendly and fully customizable bulletin board package. iScripts SonicBB is compatible with any web server/operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher installed. iScripts SonicBB is the ideal community software for all sites. iScripts SonicBB allows you to effortlessly create, manage and promote your online community iScripts SonicBB is designed to meet all your community creation requirements.

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business directory script

iScripts EasyIndex - Directory Script - Fully configurable directory script.

iScripts EasyIndex is a multi-purpose, powerful, full-featured and secure Business Directory script using PHP scripting language and mySQL database.

iScripts EasyIndex is a professional, fast and reliable tool to make your visitors get the information they were looking for in the best possible way!

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php survey script

iScripts EasyWebSurvey - Online survey software

iScripts EasyWebSurvey is a survey software application developed mainly for researchers, evaluators and organizational improvement specialists..

It could be hosted on your site and could be integrated with your existing databases.You can create electronic surveys with unlimited questions and answer methods for data collection, analysis and reporting.

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Online swapping software

iScripts eSwap - Online swapping software

iScripts eSwap is a complete swapping site. You can swap any unwanted items from your home or business to others who may have use for them. You can sell/buy items from site too. If you wish to have a third party handle the exchange, there is an escrow service provided.

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Image hosting software

iScripts EasySnaps - Image hosting software - Smart image hosting and More!

iScripts EasySnaps is a web based software that automates the management, organization of images and galleries on your website. iScripts EasySnaps is compatible with any web server/operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher installed and is built on a language and templating system that allows for complete customization into your existing site.

iScripts EasySnaps is feature packed, supports an unlimited number of images and albums. iScripts EasySnaps is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD lib with MySQL as backend.

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Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

iScripts Multicart - Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

iScripts Multicart is a feature rich shopping cart system that handles multiple sellers thereby generating multiple store fronts. iScripts Multicart is compatible with any web server/operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher installed and is built on a language and templating system that allows for complete customization into your existing site.

iScripts Multicart is feature packed, supports an unlimited number of sellers, categories and products. Start your totally automated, trouble free, money minting, multi store e-commerce site today using iScripts Multicart instant ecommerce kit.

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online data backup software

iScripts Backuper - Free Online and Offline Data Backup software, for automatic secure backup

iScripts Backuper relieves you from the headache of your backup plans and schedules. iScripts Backuper allows you to copy data automatically on schedule from your PC to your local disks or our secure servers.

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