SupportDesk 3.0

The SupportDesk 3.0 is an integrated system for managing the customer inquiries, answers and communications resulting from such queries and related problems with the help of an array of tools and facilities clustered around the ticket management system like the knowledgebase system, reminder system, mailing and messaging system etc to mention a few.

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Here is a feature list of the SupportDesk for you to decide whether it is what you need!

Message Rules : Set rules to manage incoming tickets.
Spam Blocker : Avoid getting huge junk mails as tickets.
SMTP Support : Send mails using another servers mailing component.
POP3 Support : Now fetch tickets from your pop3 inboxes.
Watcher Feature : Enabling you to monitor communications.
Message Labels : Categorize tickets on the basis of labels.
AJAX Support : Ajax for real time data viewing.
E-mail piping : powerful email piping engine for easy ticket submission.
Feature-packed admin and staff section
Source Code included : You can modify the software to suit your individual needs.
Flexible Knowledgebase : Create unlimited categories and FAQ entries
Downloads : You can share your client's common files such as manuals, instructions etc. with your staff in the download section.
Announcements/ News : Let your users/staff view important notifications in the News section
Ticket Submission : Submit tickets with allowed types of attachments
Quick View Statistics : View ticket and staff statistics in a graphical manner
Reminders : Organize yourself with the reminders, set your time and stay tuned!
Private Messages : Send private messages between the staff with the built-in internal messaging system
Unlimited Number of Companies : Create any number of companies
Unlimited number of Multi-Level Departments : Create any number of departments to reflect your organizational structure
Unlimited number of Multi-Level Knowledgebase Categories : Organize your knowledgebase entries in to multiple multi-level categories
Unlimited Staffs/Users : Create any number of staffs. Number of users registered to and using the system is also not restricted
Advanced Search for Tickets : Find exactly what you want to get with the help of the Advanced Search facility
Ticket Purging : Reduce system load by purging older tickets out of database.
Custom Statuses for Tickets : Customize the statuses of your tickets to comply with your industry jargon
Personal Notes on Tickets : Add special notes to tickets to assist you later
Flexible purchase plans : Select plan to best suit your needs. You may not have to pay for something that you never use!
Response Templates : Store predefined replies to respond to users quickly, reuse!
Activity Log : View the activity log to see what's happening
Mass Mail : Mail to individuals/ groups of users with a single click
Attachments: you can enable the ability to upload attachments any time and place, your customers or staff can make this with either their replies or while creating a new ticket.
Staff Personalization: each staff member can change certain points of his/her account to suit his/her needs.
Easy to use interface: a professionally designed interface has everything neatly grouped into similar sections.